Enabling targeted alpha therapy with astatine-211 through automation


Alpha Therapy Solutions will be your partner from bench to bedside ensuring standardized, reproducible and GMP-compliant production of your astatinated radiopharmaceutical for treatment of disseminated cancer.


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Why alpha therapy solutions

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Our production module is fully automated; from the distillation of the target material to the purification of the final radiolabelled compound. This removes human error; reduces health and safety risks and production time; and ensures that the module can be operated without specialized knowledge in astatine radiochemistry.

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Our module will allow for standardised and reproducible production of 211At-labelled compounds, not just within one production facility, but across the globe. This will enable more and larger clinical trials with astatinated radiopharmaceuticals and makes the future clinical pharmaceutical production directly at the point-of-care, or at radiopharmacies, a possibility.

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GMP compliance

The automation, standardisation, and reproducibility make GMP compliant pharmaceutical production possible, meaning you can make the most of your clinical research, and patients can be offered an effective and curative treatment method with few side effects.

Our mission

Our technology will greatly enhance clinical studies ...

Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT) with astatinated radiopharmaceuticals represents a major opportunity in the fight against disseminated cancer. The method allows for an internal and targeted alpha particle irradiation of tumour cells and early indications show that this can be done without causing significant damage to surrounding tissues. Despite its promise, there are so far only a limited number of clinically studies conducted with this nuclide. This is due to the fact that the astatine-labelled radiopharmaceuticals used in TAT are predominantly produced in manual processes, making the scale up to clinical trials and the future treatment of patients extremely challenging.

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To meet the challenges and to increase and facilitate preclinical and clinical research with astatine, Alpha Therapy Solutions have developed and patented a fully automated production module that can produce the astatinated radiopharmaceuticals for TAT in a standardized, safe, reproducible and reliable manner. Our technology will greatly enhance clinical studies in this field and ultimately, it will make TAT with astatine available to the millions of cancer patients around the world who are currently running out of options.

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How it works

The principal of the automatic production platform is based on two parts:

  1. Dry distillation of target material containing astatine-211

    The first step involves heating the target material well above the boiling point of 211At, which releases it from the bismuth and other impurities present. Evaporated 211At is transferred to a cold trap where it condenses. Here the 211At is prepared for synthesis by eluting it in a solvent which is then transferred into a reaction vile.

  2. Automatic synthesis of 211At-labelled compounds

    The automatic synthesis module can then add reagents (vector molecule solution) to the reaction vile. After the synthesis, the reaction fluid is purified on a pre-equilibrated column (type depending on vector molecule used) using a syringe dispenser. The purified product is collected in a product vial and is ready to be administered to patient.

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Estimated time schedule

Illustration of estimated time schedule

Product expected
on the market Q1 2021

Our production process has been patented and a fully functional prototype has been built. Results from the regular usage of the prototype have been published in academic journals (e.g. https://www.nature.com/articles/srep12025). We are currently working on converting the prototype into a commercially available product, with the aim of having a product on the market Q1 2021. Beyond the production module, we aim to provide our customers with disposable solutions and production-related services and know-how.

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Who we are

Emma Aneheim
Co-Founder & Board Member:

Emma Aneheim

Associate Professor at the Department of Radiation Physics, Institute of Clinical Sciences, Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg

Sture Lindgren

Sture Lindegren

Associate Professor at the Department of Radiation Physics, Institute of Clinical Sciences, Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg

Milton Lönnroth
Co-Founder & CEO:

Milton Lönnroth

Academic background in Biochemical Engineering and Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship

Fredrik Bergman

Fredrik Bergman

Experienced business and strategy developer within MedTech

Mattias Münnich
Board Member:

Mattias Münnich

Experienced BioTech entrepreneur and Chalmers Ventures business coach

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